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DynX® provides three Grip Test modes

Three Grip Test modes are MAX Test, Endurance Test, and Rapid Exchange Test used for evaluation of muscular strength. 


  • MAX Test collects a series of up to 10 measurements, then calculates statistics associated with these measurements. 

  • Endurance Test evaluates a user’s stamina to hold a Target Force and how the applied force changes over time. 

  • Rapid Exchange Test measures a sequence of maximal forces applied by the right and left hands as the device is switched quickly between hands.

DynX® Tests use microprocessor technology enabling precise measurements, collection of all data, instant review of that data following a series of measurements, an automatic calculation of statistical data, memory storage of all test data, and PC Data Download.

DynX® precision is due to its solid state design which requires no re-calibration unless the product is damaged.   An automatic turn-on test confirms the calibration is valid.  Each DynX®  is delivered with a Certificate of Accuracy.

DynX® handle widths are the same as those commonly used in the hydraulic JAMAR® dynamometer, making it possible to transition from old to new technologies without loss of validity.  Results of Norms Tests conducted by the University of Florida Dept. of Occupational Therapy report excellent concordance between JAMAR® dynamometer and DynX® measurements.  DynX® reliability exceeds 0.97 for test-retest exceeding those of the older hydraulic technology.  Validity between JAMAR® dynamometer and DynX® achieved 0.95.

DynX® instruments are designed for observation by either the patient or therapist, allowing for blind measurements. Configuration settings may be easily switched between English and Metric. 


Data and statistics are stored for each session in a non-volatile electronic memory for later review and analysis.


A data communications port located on the back of each DynX® provides a means of downloading archived TEST data to a PC via a USB port or may be used for remote monitoring.


How To Order

Register (Purchase Tab) to place an on-line order or to locate an Authorized Dealer or Authorized Distributor to place your order.  Note that international customers may be required to place orders through an Authorized Distributor covering their location.


Medical Professional, Institutional Research Organization, and Sports Training Professional customers may register on-line to gain authorization from MD Systems for professional customer status which affords these customers unlimited access to additional information, research documents, and pricing. 


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