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EXERCISE modalities include two scientific approaches for strengthening the hand-arm muscle group.  These regimens are unique forms of isometric training described as controlled, interrupted isometric efforts base on each person’s measured strength on the day and time the exercise is conducted. 


The two exercise protocols provided in DynX are Fixed Exercise and Stepped Exercise.  Fixed Exercise repeats the same effort level in each repetition, spaced by timed rest periods.  Stepped Exercise adjusts the level of effort, its duration and rest periods between repetitions.  Details on these exercise regimens are provided in the User Guide and Training Videos.

Exercise modes use precise microprocessor control to define an isometric training regimen appropriate for each patient and record user compliance with the prescribed regimen eliminating the need for monitoring of the patient during each session.



DynX® handle widths are adjustable to maximize comfort for each

person by use of the two Grip Extenders provided with each DynX device.

Compliance Score data is calculated for each user during the exercise and in summary

format at the termination of each exercise session.  This “Score” and the specific

Exercise protocol is stored in the DynX non-volatile memory. 

A data communications port located on the back of each DynX® provides a means of downloading Exercise protocol and Compliance data to a PC, or for remote monitoring of real-time use.

DynX® products are light weight and very portable, enabling therapists to prescribe therapy to be done by patients at home.  Each exercise session is date and time stamped in the device’s memory.  A training protocol may be Locked into the device’s memory for a patient. Compliance Scores of the training can be evaluated by a therapist upon patient return to the clinic as a result of the device’s data collection functions.

Typical improvements in muscle Strength

and Endurance are dramatic as

depicted in the chart to the right.

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