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Electronic Hand DYNamometer and

Hand-Arm eXerciser

Used by Clinicians, Researchers, Sports Trainers, Physicians, and FCE Providers
  • Electronic Accuracy
  • Permanent Calibration
  • Self-test at Turn-On
  • Memorizes Data
  • Calculates Statistics
  • PC data transfer
  • Remote monitoring
  • 3 Grip Tests
  • 2 Exercise Regimens
  • Light weight & portable
  • Home and Clinical use
Your Best Choice!

We are the New standard of excellence.

Become a Registered User, Authorized Researcher,

Medical Professional, Distributor, Dealer,

Government Agency today!

The multi-functional DynX offers therapists, technicians, researchers, physicians, and sports trainers advantages not previously available in old generation technologies [and in a format which allows these advantages to be easily utilized].

Products designed and manufactured in the United States

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